Business Cards! OMG it’s a new EVOLUTION!

I remembered seeing my Dad’s collection of business cards which, oddly enough, looked similar in size and style as if it were a patent that every business card had to have a uniformed format.

At first, I felt as if I was looking at a single company with merely different entities and departments of specialization, ideally, there is a business format in terms of its size, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited in terms of design and function that’s what I thought when I stumbled into a few eye-opening sites about modernizing the traditional, renewing the old and finding new ways to make you and your company stand-out., In no way am I making fun of the traditional business cards because some of them have gone a long way into success. I am simply implying the fact that there are new methods,  these days, in making a dull looking piece of cardboard paper come to life.

But Before we get into the collection – a little bit of background music will help tide you over

Sounds Market – Humming Urban Stereo

The FANTASTIC Plastic – Transparent 3D Collection

Card Explanation

The Innovation with Self-Expression collection – show your specialization

The real deal circuitboard story

Creative emboss no longer made for embossing signatures and borders

Paper quality now differs in texture from the traditional

This is a business card of a hair salon, it’s quite clever!

Get the hint? Dog tag = Dog adoption… witty

The interactive Collection – get people involved

The Modern inspiration Collection

With the bites, it makes you really want to try it… the product, not the card

Cards like these leave a lasting impression

This Acupuncture business card makes sense cause that’s how your skin will look like later

Ingenious… use swatches to determine your position in the company

These may seem like traditional business cards except there’s the added sass and class like those seen in gorgeous invitations- consider it the business card adaptation of classy and stylish invitations.

The Multipurpose Collection

Lush comes with a freebie to promote its company specialty

Real Chocolate goodies

The Details link

Balloons to promote healthy lungs

Instead of carrying a pack of business cards why not have

tear-out ones that come in pads?

The extremely hi-tech business card

with AUTO-DIALING function link

Are these business cards outstanding, maybe a little over-the-top, too modern? Well, most of you would probably think of them as useless, but in reality, even a business is your personal marketing strategy to advertise yourself by gaining your targets curiosity and attention. So now you know, it just isn’t a simple business card nowadays. ^^

Still haven’t gotten enough?

Well then… here’s more links for your viewing pleasure:

The best insightful collection with explanations:


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